Unless you have a validly executed will, the law governs where your property goes in the event of your death. It is therefore very important to have a will and to keep it updated regularly.


We can provide a low-cost fixed fee for all will services to ensure your peace of mind. Our services include advices to all prospective trustees and executors, where necessary.


Changes to relationship status can affect the terms, or the validity, of a will. Make sure you consider changes to your will, and any superannuation beneficiary notice, when your relationship status changes.


You may also be a disappointed beneficiary under a will. That means you did not receive what you might have been entitled, or expected, to receive. In limited cases, the law can provide relief. Alternatively, you may be the exector of a will in which a disappointed beneficiary is making a claim. We have significant experience dealing with these complicated matters.


You should also consider the making of an enduring power of attorney. This document ensures a trusted family member, friend or professional person can take care of your affairs in the event that for whatever reason you lose the capacity to do so yourself.


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