Family law has become less about resolving disputes between family members and more about avoiding them in the first place. Just like a will, or a commercial contract, there are range of agreements for various matters that can take the tension and dispute out of family law matters and produce quick, efficient and, importantly, low-cost resolutions. We can assist with agreements for parenting, property settlements (formerly known as pre-nuptial agreements), maintenance, child support, even ultruistic surrogacy. All of these agreements require the advices of a legal practitioner before they are binding.


We strongly encourage all persons over 21 to have a will and execute an enduring power of attorney in favour of a trusted family member. Nobody wants to die or be unable to take care of their own affairs, but we all understand those documents to be very important. In the same way, we also encourage any couple about to commence cohabitation to consider a range of agreements that might cover the unwanted termination of that relationship.

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