Fee Structure

Task Charging – How does it work?


Lawyers usually charge by time – what is sometimes referred to as an hourly rate. What lawyers do is to divide the hour into 10 six minute units. The client is charged for each unit. That is fine, if the lawyer works for six minutes. However, a lawyer will generally charge a full unit for work up to six minutes, whether they work for one minute, two minutes or even ten seconds. We think that is unfair. We charge by a fixed task schedule. What that means is that each task we do has a fixed fee, however long the task takes. This means that your legal expenditure is in your control, not the lawyer’s.


We estimate that task charging produces savings of between 10% and 40% of a comparable time charge model.

Deferred Fees

Every client gets an individually tailored costs arrangement. If your former partner is in control of the asset or income, we can defer our account until some part of the matter is concluded, or the entire matter is concluded, so that you pay your fees out of any settlement, or at some time in the future when your circumstances may change. We can also seek that your former partner pay for, or contribute to, your costs.


Making sure you get all the information you need


Simply call us to arrange a no obligation appointment to discuss your case or obtain a second opinion for the fixed price of $385.00 (inclusive of GST).


At that appointment we will provide you with:

  • a detailed overview of what we think the likely range of outcomes will be;
  • how best you can move forward quickly and with as little inconvenience as possible through your family law matter;
  • practical advice for your immediate needs; and
  • a draft client agreement and a thorough discussion of fee options.


After retaining us


After you retain us, we will then provide you with detailed and specific advice about your matter, including a customised assessment of likely fees, and why those fees will be incurred.




Our pro bono Program

We work in close consultation with the Women’s Legal Service to provide specialist assistance to victims of domestic violence.



Unlike other lawyers, we do not charge for office based disbursements, such as postage, telephone call charges, copying and most administration processes. Further, we do our best to absorb all other disbursements.



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